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Deciding to buy a home for your family or refinancing your existing loan is a big step. As a direct lender and with our vast array of programs, you can trust us to find you the best loan program to meet your needs.
It only takes a few minutes, call us or complete our short Application Form online "Click here".

Step 1 - Pre-Approval: 

We recommend that you get pre-approved with us before you shop, so that you can negotiate from a position of strength and look in a price range that fits your criteria. Another important reason to be pre-approved is that this is also a good time to review the monthly payments, the down-payment requirements and closing costs that you can expect to pay.

Step 2 - Loan Application: 

Once you've found the home you want and negotiated a price that you and the seller agree on, it's time to get your loan, when you submit a loan application, you can expect to sign lots of paperwork and update information and documentation about your employment history, financial assets, liabilities and credit.

Step 3 - Lock in Rate: 

The next step is to lock-in the current interest rates and points for your loan of choice for anywhere from 30 to 60 days. You may also elect to allow the interest rate to float, so that you can lock it in at a later time. If you decide to let the rate float you may end-up with a rate that is higher or lower than the rate on your date of application.

Step 4 - Appraisal: 

After you have reviewed disclosures, we will order a property appraisal, to determine the fair market value of the home, you will be required to pay for the appraisal. When refinancing with certain loan programs, an appraisal may not be necessary. Remember that the appraiser will give an opinion of value, the appraiser does not guarantee the condition of the home, we strongly recommend that you hire a home inspection company to determine the condition of the home.

Step 5 - Meet Approval conditions: 

You will then sign and return all required disclosures and any additional documentation needed to satisfy the conditions of the loan. When we receive the appraisal, a credit report, signed disclosures, and additional obligatory documentation, your loan officer will prepare and submit conditions for final approval.

Step 6 - Closing/Settlement: 

A licensed title agent should then perform the settlement or escrow process, also referred to as closing or settlement services in some states. Your Loan Officer and your Real Estate Agent will help coordinate this. If purchasing a home, you will be required to bring a cashier's check for the down payment and any other fees to the settlement. In a refinance, fees are typically covered by the loan proceeds. While at the settlement, you will read and sign numerous documents regarding your transaction. As part of the settlement phase, we will wire the loan funds to the settlement agent, which may be a title company, an attorney, or an escrow agent, depending upon the state in which the transaction occurs. The property owner or their lender is paid in full and all fees for all parties are paid. The property's ownership will then transfer from the seller to you.



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